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Udipi Cafe (Pure Vegetarian Indian Cuisine) is a good place to sample a taste of the rich history and culture of Hindustan. A simple subcontinental sampling of dishes reveals a starling swing from rich hearty foods to light and flavorful tropical fare. Paying us your visit today culminates in our ambition to prepare authentic South Indian vegetarian food for you that we have cooked in our cherished homeland. Rest assured that we market, prepare and serve only the finest, freshest quality ingredients and aromatic foods available from trustworthy local suppliers.

Udipi is a coastal city in Southern India, Blessed with the oldest culture in civilization and surrounded by famous historical temples, monuments, treasured art and architecture, Udipi attracts tourists and luminaries worldwide. Congenial residents speak multi languages yet live together without regards as to cast, creed, race or sex.

Diversity of the surrounding vicinity affords land rich and fertile and is ideally suitable for farming. Rice isa staple of the diet and there is a constant suppply of fresh fruit and vegetables incorporated into the local cuisine that forms the basis of countless vegetarian dishes mildly spiced and less subtle. The Local Chefs assume enormous pride in cultivating various aromatic and indigenous exotic recipes.

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